The shape of Beauty

Innovative RotateRF technology for full body contouring

Sculpt&Shape is a cutting-edge energy-based device that revolutionizes body and facial sculpting. With its innovative rotational technology, Sculpt&Shape delivers stunning and transformative results that clients crave. Our device offers clinics versatility and cost-effectiveness, making it an essential addition to any practice. Utilizing advanced technology, Sculpt&Shape precisely targets various skin layers, ensuring optimal outcomes for each individual. Say goodbye to traditional methods and embrace the future of aesthetic treatments with Sculpt&Shape, where beauty meets technology for remarkable results.

Redefines your patient experience

RotateRF Technology provides uniform heating and increases lymphatic drainage enhancing clinical results with no downtime.

Automatic and continuous real time temperature control ensures constant and homogenous heating throughout the treatment.

Safe touch technology prevents electric arc to provide safe and comfortable treatment.

Versatile platform with different tips and treatment indications.

User friendly interface. Easy to use guided software with predefined parameters.

Device Appertizersize Min


Sculpt&Shape took my attention straight away. I was amazed by the many clinical benefits offered by the platform, such as RotateRF technology, real-time temperature control and Safe Touch technology.